Cathedral Council

The Cathedral Council meets four times a year under the chairmanship of Geoffrey Bush. 

The Council has a duty to further and support the work of the Cathedral, financial, spiritual, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical, reviewing and advising upon the direction and oversight of that work by the Chapter. 

Its role is to:

  • Consider proposals submitted by the Chapter in connection with the general direction and mission of the Cathedral and to give advice on them to the Chapter
  • Receive and consider the annual budget of the Cathedral
  • Receive and consider the annual report and audited accounts of the Cathedral
  • Consider proposals submitted by the Chapter in connection with the Constitution and Statutes of the Cathedral

The Council may:

  • Request reports from the Chapter on any matter concerning the Cathedral
  • Discuss and declare its opinion on any such matter
  • Draw any matter to the attention of the Visitor (the Bishop of Exeter) or the Church Commissioners.

​The members of the Council are a lay chairman (who is not a member of the Chapter and is appointed by the Bishop), the Dean, three other members of Chapter chosen by Chapter, two members of the College of Canons elected by the College, three lay persons whose names are on the Cathedral Community Roll elected by members of the Roll, and ten persons having experience in the work of the Cathedral or the ability to reflect diocesan, ecumenical or national interests, appointed by the Bishop. The Bishop shall be entitled to be present and to speak, but not to vote, at meetings.

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