Community Committee

What is the Cathedral Community Committee?

The Cathedral Community Committee (CCC) is made up of representatives of the whole Cathedral Community - Chapter, congregations, staff and volunteers. The lay members are elected by those on the Cathedral Community Roll.  Some of them also represent the Cathedral on the Christianity Deanery Synod, on Christians Together Across Exeter, and on the Cathedral Council.  The CCC meets at least four times a year and reports to an Annual Meeting.

The role of the CCC is to advise the Chapter on all matters concerning the life of the Cathedral and to be a channel of communication between Chapter and the wider Cathedral Community. It provides an opportunity for consultation, discussion and feedback on the current and future operation of the Cathedral.  The Cathedral donates 10% of contributions to the Planned Giving Scheme to charities and good causes-local, national and international; the CCC recommends and oversees these donations.

The CCC works closely with the Cathedral Fellowship Committee, which arranges parties and outings for the Cathedral Community and serves refreshments on special occasions such as the installation of members of the Cathedral Foundation. 

CCC members welcome hearing views from the Cathedral Community on any aspect of the life of the Cathedral.  Anyone with comments is invited to contact the chairman of the CCC or any member.  An invitation to suggest agenda items for CCC meetings is published in the monthly Cathedral News and sent to the leaders of volunteer groups and senior staff.  A summary of the items discussed at CCC meetings is also published in Cathedral News.

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