About the Friends of Exeter Cathedral

The Friends of Exeter Cathedral is an unincorporated association of members who have in common their sympathy with the objects of the Friends which are set out below. The Association was founded in 1929 by Charity Commissioners' Scheme, and is currently governed by a revised Constitution approved by the Charity Commissioners and dated 29 June 1992. The affairs of the Friends are managed by a Council consisting of the Dean of Exeter, one member nominated by the Dean & Chapter, a minimum of eight members and the Honorary Treasurer elected at Annual General Meetings in accordance with the Constitution, and up to five members who may be co-opted by the Council itself. The Council has power to appoint sub-committees. No remuneration is paid to any member of Council.

The Object of the Friends shall be to co-operate with the Dean and Chapter in furthering the religious and other charitable work of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter by:

-arousing and maintaining public interest in the Cathedral, including the encouragement of the interest and participation of young people;

-assisting and supporting the Dean & Chapter in maintaining, improving and adding to the fabric, fittings, furniture, ornaments, monuments, services, and music of the Cathedral and in maintaining, adding to, and improving the precincts thereof (excluding the Deanery and other houses of residence) and in the publication of literature having reference to the Cathedral;

-establishing and maintaining scholarships for those seeking to enter the Cathedral School at Exeter as choristers;

-maintaining and adding to the books and archives of the Cathedral Library;

-publishing literature furthering the objects of the Friends, including an annual report, and such other means as the Council from time to time thinks fit.


Legacies are invested to provide income for the future requirements of the Cathedral. A legacy can either be directed to the Fabric Fund, which is invested and the income used to provide for the long-term upkeep of the Cathedral building, or to the General Fund which is expendable on a wider range of objects including the fabric, music, library and archives.

We take great care to observe the wishes of any benefactor and to ensure that the amount received is applied in accordance with any directions that may be given.

Any legacy to a charity is deducted from the estate before inheritance tax is assessed. It is therefore entirely tax-free and reduces the amount payable to the Inland Revenue.

If you want to leave a legacy to the Friends in your will, the following suggested wording should be used, "I give the sum of £XXXX (also in words) to The Friends of Exeter Cathedral, 1 The Cloisters, Exeter EX1 1HS (a registered charity No. 207096). This legacy to be allocated to the Fabric/General Fund."

If you would like further information or help, please contact the Honorary Secretary, Chris Stirling, or the assistant secretary Peter Privett at the Friends' office on telephone 01392 423931.

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