BLOG: Creative arts at the Cathedral

BLOG: Creative arts at the Cathedral

Thursday 4th May 2017

Last year, Chapter marked its commitment to the creative arts by producing a set of guidelines around installations and exhibitions in the Cathedral. One of the purposes of the document was to encourage prospective artists and producers to engage creatively with this wonderful building, enrich the experience of those visiting the Cathedral as tourists or worshippers, and to connect with, and represent, currents of secular culture.

May 2017 sees the second ever ‘Art Week Exeter’ which brings together artists in venues around the city to widen access to, and participation in, the diverse forms of contemporary and traditional art in the city. The Cathedral is a prominent partner in helping to achieve that brave ambition, whilst beginning to explore our own attitude to the creative arts. I hope that you’ll have an interest in, and will engage with, the exhibitions and installations hosted here during that time :

Stretch 15th-19th May (Nave)

Stretch is a stand alone interactive installation, an improvised performance and a workshop experience. A sound sculpture, a blank canvas, minimalist and symbolic in appearance, Stretch is a screen made of hundreds of strands of fine shirring elastic stretching from wall to wall across a space. Its many miles of elastic create a permeable threshold or boundary, embracing the architecture of the space it occupies. The sculpture invites interaction, quietly provoking the viewer into physical engagement, to manipulate it, and to discover its potential to transform and be transformed. The viewer makes their own multi-sensory journey. READ MORE

Exhibition: Ellen Tinkham College 13th-21st May (Chapter House)

This includes work exploring line, form and colour in a variety of two-dimensional media such as drawings, prints and collage created by young adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.

Ellen Tinkham is an “Outstanding” Local Authority funded special school for children and young people aged 3-19 years, who have severe learning disabilities. All 140 children have a statement of special educational needs. READ MORE

Hope and Renewal 13th-21st May (Cathedral Green)

In October 2016, Exeter’s Royal Clarence Hotel burnt out, leaving a scar that was both physical and psychological.  After destruction comes renewal, a theme being explored through sculpture by ‘Morth’ (Martin Staniforth). 2-3 tonnes of burnt timbers have been taken away from the site to build an organic, emerging, edifying sculpture for Exeter Cathedral Green. 

Laurence Blyth, Marketing Manager

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