Meet LEGO® volunteer Tilda

Meet LEGO® volunteer Tilda

Why did you get involved with the Lego project?

I have always loved Lego from a young age, and when the opportunity to build the Cathedral presented itself, I jumped at the chance. I was also excited to meet new people as it was my first year at university and I was willing to add something to the city and the local community.

How have you benefitted from volunteering at the Cathedral?

First of all, my co-workers are very friendly and dedicated, both with deep respect for the Cathedral and an adoration for Lego! I have found my time here valuable work experience, learning about stock take and til responsibility, with team work, rota experience and work ethic . I believe that all these things will be of real whatever career path I may choose.

What have you particularly enjoyed about working here?

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting something back into the community of my university city. It helps feel like I fit in and am part of something. I am grateful to have met and worked with so many lovely people and I am very keen to continue for the next few years, and besides not many jobs let you work with Lego bricks and show others how to do the same!

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