30 seconds with...

30 seconds with...

We caught up with David Davies (Assistant Director of Music) and managed a very short interview about his work and the St Peter's Singers concert that takes place this weekend. 

Who were your musical heroes when you were growing up?

In terms of composers I think Beethoven made the biggest impact: I’d stand in front of the mirror trying to conduct the symphonies. The major piano sonatas and late quartets are such intense works: one can spend a lifetime exploring them and there’s something visceral there for me that I’m still trying to fathom.

What does a typical working day at the Cathedral look like?

Caffe Nero at 7.30, a chorister practice on three days a week at 8.20, dealing with emails, probably meetings, some time on the organ to see if I can remember where middle C is, more emails, Evensong then often an evening rehearsal. At some point cleaning, cooking and erratic ironing make an appearance, and I go to the gym as often as I can in an attempt to be less blob-like.

How would you sum up the choir in one sentence?

I love working with the St Peter’s Singers: we’ve done some really good things over the five years we’ve been together, and it’s exciting planning the future.

What music are you listening to right now?

The Pentatonix version of the song ‘Rather be’. Amazing close harmony singing!

What’s your favourite piece on this Saturday’s programme?

Probably the ‘Gloria in excelsis’ from Grayston Ives’s Missa Brevis. It’s very direct music: to the point and fun to sing and play.

Concert information

On Saturday 27th June the choir will be performing music by Finzi, Mozart, Britten, Rutter and other composers. The Gioisca Trio (Hélöise West, soprano, Claude Lamon, piccolo trumpet, David Davies, keyboard) will also be performing chamber music by Scarlatti, Bach and Handel.

Tickets are still available. Telephone 01392 285983 or click here to buy online

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