500 years of Manchester Grammar School

500 years of Manchester Grammar School

16th October 2015

The Bishop of Exeter is in Manchester today to mark the 500th anniversary of The Manchester Grammar School.

Bishop Robert will preach at the annual Founders' Service in Manchester Cathedral. The school was founded by his 16th century predecessor Bishop Hugh Oldham, whose memorial occupies a small chapel in the south-east corner of Exeter Cathedral, and the current Bishop of Exeter is invited back each year to mark the association.

Hugh Oldham adopted the wise owl for his coat of arms (that now forms the shield at the centre of the Manchester Grammar School's own arms), perhaps enjoying the medieval joke that arose from his name being pronounced 'Owl-dom' (best illustrated by the carving, pictured, of an owl clutching a scroll in its beak bearing the letters DOM).

Bishop Robert is expected to give thanks for the 'local boy made good' and call for all to honour his legacy by bringing wisdom to bear on all we do.

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