A People's Psalm

A People's Psalm
12th September 2016
Individual words for the Psalm were given to the 150 or so attending Holy Ground on Sunday 11th September. As a part of trying to listen to God, the congregation was invited together to arrange the words in silence to form a Psalm. Like the Psalms in Hebrew, there is no punctuation in this Psalm, so it can be read and understood in many ways. The following is what emerged:
Here I longed for freedom comfort me with your love
I come close with worship in peace amazed by your beauty wonder and love
Holy peaceful Son O God of love strengthen rescue uphold help us
I thank my mighty God soul anchor and rock with lovely mystery mine delight
We welcome your glory Glory of God I hope with you beside us for ever
If I hope for love I trust in your plan almighty Father we will love for ever
Wonderful patience power majesty everlasting
How true our living faith praise will rise the awesome joy calm and steadfast love and kindness
Help me wonder adore loving lord Jesus hear us for joy within and around
We wait come near with your word and honour you mighty loving Holy Spirit
With praise because you hear my soul cry light
I remember justice can help for strength
Glory joy with pleasure and righteousness around
Adore and worship you
Happy the life of holy peace
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