Bishop's Visitation

Bishop's Visitation

17th November 2015

The Bishop has decided, following a request from the Dean and Chapter, to hold a Visitation of the Cathedral to allow him to establish an overview of its worship and mission.

Though all diocesan bishops are entitled to carry out a Visitation, not all take the opportunity to do so. But in a rapidly changing culture, which brings daily more challenges for the Church, Bishop Robert believes that carrying out such an in-depth review of the life of the cathedral will throw new light on the ways it can serve both its immediate community and the wider community of the Church in Devon.

The Visitation will be carried out by a panel of independent people on behalf of the Bishop and will begin early in the New Year. The report and any recommendations it may make will be made public. The Dean and Chapter view this as a positive opportunity to look at areas where they might change and improve the way they work, for the sake of the mission we all undertake in Christ’s name.

A copy of the Bishop’s letter regarding the Visitation can be downloaded from the Cathedral and Diocesan websites.

Visitation letter (PDF)



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