Dr Paula Gooder joins us for Holy Ground

Dr Paula Gooder joins us for Holy Ground

This Sunday we welcome Dr Paula Gooder as our Preacher at the 10am Sung Eucharist. Paula is theologian in residence for the Bible Society and lives in Birmingham with her husband to two daughters. She is a New Testament scholar and an unashamed fan of the writings of Paul.

Dr Gooder will also be with us as we gather for the Holy Ground service at 7pm. She will be opening up for us the question:

"St Paul - villain or visionary?" and helping us think through how we relate to Paul in the 21st century.

For some Paul is the villain of early Christianity, taking it from its early radical roots into a conservative, restrictive 'Church'. Paul can feel alien and authoritative to our modern ear. So what was he trying to do and how should we relate to him today?

If you haven’t heard Paula before, you are in for a real treat as she is engaging ,accessible and fun.

As usual we shall begin with worship at 7pm in the Nave and will be trying out our new café venue in the Cathedral for the first time – plenty of room for everyone!

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