Exeter Chiefs immortalised in stone

Exeter Chiefs immortalised in stone

8th December 2016

Exeter Chiefs will have their club emblem carved in stone and added to the fabric of Exeter Cathedral next year as part of an ongoing programme of works to repair and conserve part of the centuries-old building.

The decorated “corbel” stone will eventually be added high up on the eastern end of the Cathedral, alongside others including a poppy which was completed last month in time for Remembrance Sunday. They replace medieval corbel stones, in place for over 600 years,that have now decayed to the point where they are beyond saving.

The carvings are part of a collection of four pieces that represent the world in which the Cathedral exists today, with the final pieces due to be unveiled next year. Representing the city of Exeter, the Chiefs’ emblem was chosen to mark the progress made by the club in recent seasons as well as to recognise the sport’s contribution to the city.

Carved from Salcombe Stone by Anna Steinmetzer, one of the stonemasons employed by the Cathedral, the piece took around a week to go from block of stone to finished piece.

It is anticipated that the four new corbels will be fixed in place by the Cathedral’s team of stonemasons in Spring 2017. In total over 300 individual pieces of Beer, Doulting, Portland and Salcombe stone are being replaced in the current East Gable Project, with a quarry at Dunscombe Manor (nr Salcombe Regis) reopened in October to help supply stone for the ongoing works programme.

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