Holy Ground: December 2015

Holy Ground: December 2015

This month our Holy Ground community gathers a week earlier than usual (on Sunday 6th December at 19.00) for creative worship, contemplative prayer and café-discussion around the topic:

Can we seek climate justice and hope at a time of extinction?

The University of Exeter Chapel Choir will enrich our worship with beautiful music for this season of Advent. The choir of 24 student choral scholars will be directed by Michael Graham, the University’s Director of Chapel Music.

At a time when thousands are rallying in Paris for the United Nations’ summit on climate change we bring the Advent message of hope to this critical topic, welcoming Martyn Goss to our café. He will talk about the implications of Climate Change for our churches and communities, with partial reference to the Paris Summit. We are hoping to have a live link up to Paris during our café time and hear from people from the south west and their experience of being present in Paris.

About our speaker

Martyn Goss has worked with Devon’s churches on social and environmental issues since 1983. A founder of ‘EcoChurch SouthWest’, ‘Transforming Plymouth Together’ (TPT) and the Devon & Cornwall Food Association (DCFA) he is also involved in cultural diversity through organisations such as the Devon Faith & Belief Forum. He currently chairs the European Christian Environment Network (ECEN).

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