Hugh, 18th Earl of Devon

Hugh, 18th Earl of Devon

26th August 2015

A private ceremony will be held at the Cathedral later today to mark the recent death of the late Hugh Courtenay,18th Earl of Devon.

Lord Devon’s passing will be marked by the sounding of the Peter Bell in the North Tower (pictured). It will be tolled 17 times to mark the 17 years of service given by the 18th Earl.

The bell was re-cast from bells from Llandaff Cathedral (with added metal), in 1484 and was the gift of Bishop Peter Courtenay to the cathedral. The bell was cracked in 1606 during overenthusiastic celebrations of the discovery of the Gunpowder plot and was re-cast in 1676 by Thomas Purdue. Peter is not swung, just struck on the hour, at curfew and to mark the passing of each Earl of Devon.

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