Interfaith Week at the Cathedral

Interfaith Week at the Cathedral

17th November 2015

The Dean, Jonathan Draper, visited the mosque with members of the Cathedral community to mark Interfaith week. They attended prayers and joined in discussions on ways of increasing co-operation across the faiths in the city.

The Imam will come to the Cathedral to speak on Thursday this week, after joining a ‘peace walk’ with members of other faiths from the Civic Centre to the Cathedral, in memory of the victims of the Paris attack.

The Dean said he wanted to assure the Muslim community of Exeter that the Christian community stood beside them, as the world comes to terms with the tragic events of Paris and continuing conflicts elsewhere.

He said: “Everyone at the Cathedral, and I’m sure all the people of Exeter and Devon, are appalled at the brutal attacks which took place in Paris on Friday. As with the bombings in Lebanon and on the airliner over Sinai, we condemn these acts of senseless and criminal violence. We pray for the victims of violence, for those who mourn, for those who are bewildered by such random slaughter, for the emergency services and those who hold responsibility for the safety and security of others. We pray, too, for peace in Syria and all other places of conflict and pray for all those who seek to bring an end to that brutal civil war. We stand firm with the people of Paris in their grief and their determination that terrorism will not divide us from each other in our communities.

Here in Exeter, the Cathedral and other churches have had positive relationships with our Muslim brothers and sisters, as well as with other faith traditions. It is only by working together in this way that ultimately we can address injustice and promote peace.”


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