Intricate new stonework crafted by Cathedral stonemasons

Intricate new stonework crafted by Cathedral stonemasons

12th January 2015

Intricate carvings replacing weatherworn stone have been created by the Cathedral’s stonemasons, for the top of the iconic building.

The new pinnacle ‘finial’ stones have been placed on top of the buttress on the north west front of the Cathedral, where repair work has been underway for many months. Each piece took around three months to design and carve.

The previous stones had been worn away by wind and rain. They themselves were 18th century replacements of earlier carvings.

Clerk of Works at Exeter Cathedral, Chris Sampson, said two new stonemasons had been recruited to carry out the huge amount of work needed to keep the stonework of the 900 year old building in good repair.

The new stonemasons have been funded by donations from the Friends of Exeter Cathedral.

“These new carvings are major new pieces which have been inspired by what was there previously. Though the new pieces can be seen from the Green the intricacy of the carving will be completely lost from the ground, unfortunately.

“These pieces are just some of the first that our four stonemasons will be working on. There is a huge amount of work to repair and create carved elements of the Cathedral, much of it involving carved heads and other intricate sculpture,” said Mr Sampson.

The work to the north west front, above St Edmund’s Chapel, is due to be completed this summer.

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