New font

New font

A new font for Exeter Cathedral, carved by master-craftsmen from Salisbury Cathedral, was formally presented on Monday 1st February.

The 26" font, which took Salisbury's Clerk of the Works Gary Price nearly a week to create, is handmade from Purbeck Blue Stone to reflect the materials used in the internal pillars at Exeter Cathedral. Cut from a single piece of stone worth £450 'in the rough', there was little margin for error.

The font was received by Exeter Cathedral's Clerk of the Works, Chris Sampson and Canon Ian Morter, Canon Treasurer and Pastor during a presentation at Salisbury Cathedral. It will be consecrated at Easter and will be placed on a specially constructed 'tripod' made of wood, which reflects the shape of the gothic arches in the Cathedral.

Chris Sampson, Exeter Cathedral Clerk of Works, said:
"It has been great working on an inter-cathedral exercise and exchanging skills and expertise. I spent 16 years a working as a mason in Salisbury and knew Gary and his team had the experience and machinery to do the job."

Canon Ian Morter, Canon Treasurer and Pastor, said
"We have already installed the new altar, lectern and credence table and this new font is the next step. We have a Cathedral font but it is tucked away and this new font will allow us to perform our baptisms in the sanctuary area at the heart of the Cathedral"

Exeter Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral have both historic and modern connections: Chris Sampson, Exeter's Clerk of the Works, spent 16 years as head mason at Salisbury Cathedral and the C15 Bishop Seth Ward was Dean and Bishop of Exeter before being translated to Bishop of Salisbury where he died in 1689.

Pictured: Gary Price (Salisbury Cathedral Clerk of the Works), Alan Spittle (Salisbury Cathedral Stonemason), The Revd Dr Robert Titley (Canon Treasurer,Salisbury Cathedral), Canon Ian Morter (Canon Treasurer and Pastor,Exeter Cathedral) and Chris Sampson (Exeter Cathedral Clerk of the Works).

Photo: Ash Mills

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