October 2015 Blog: Micrographia

October 2015 Blog: Micrographia

22nd October 2015

Charlotte is on placement in our Library and Archive and is working with Ellie (Cathedral Archivist) on work surrounding this weekend's Micrographia Day (24th October). She writes:

We decided to put together an exhibition to complement Felicity Henderson’s activity day about Robert Hooke’s 
"Micrographia". We decided that we would theme our exhibition around the notion of ‘Tiny Things’ and broadly search the library for any books which were written about small or microscopic objects. I tried to find books which had lively and interesting illustrations as I thought that this would make the exhibition interesting for the public. I chose Thomas Martyn’s botany book "Thirty Eight Plates" (1794) as he included beautiful painted illustrations of sweet peas. I was also intrigued by Martyn’s personal biography as he was the son of a botanist and held the position of Professor of Botany at Cambridge University for 63 years until his death in 1825.

I also chose to include Ulisse Aldrouandi "De Animalibus Insectis Libri Septem" (1602) as I really liked his back page pictures of starfish. I thought that the public would enjoy finding out more about star fish as I managed to find many interesting facts like they have eyes on the end of each of their five arms.

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