"The Oxford Sausage"

Thursday 8th October 2015

‘The Oxford sausage; or, Select poetical pieces; written by the most celebrated wits of the University of Oxford; adorned with cuts, engraved in a new taste, and designed by the best masters’ [edited by T. Warton] (1764)

According to the preface of this little gem –with tongue firmly in cheek - the principal aim ‘has been to collect Poems of Humour and Burlesque. And in conformity to this Intention, our Cuts, for which the most able Masters have been engaged, are engraved in the same Style. On these Considerations, our SAUSAGE, we presume, will not only gratify the Palate, but, if the old and approved Proverb, LAUGH AND BE FAT, be true, will at the same time contribute to make our Readers Thrive’.

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