We are going to Sandy Park

We are going to Sandy Park
10th February 2017

Rugby fans visiting Sandy Park this weekend will have a chance to take a good look at a new carving of a Chiefs head before it is fixed high on Exeter Cathedral’s East Gable.

As part of a major project to repair and conserve the centuries-old Cathedral, the new decorative ‘corbel’ stone will eventually replace a 600-year old piece that has now decayed beyond the point of repair. Chris Sampson (Clerk of Works) and stonemason Anna Steinmetzer (who carved the Chiefs corbel) will be on hand at the ground before kick off with the carving to meet fans and provide more information about the project and the Cathedral.  

One of four new ‘corbels’, the Chiefs carving reflects the success of the club in the UK, across Europe and further afield and marks their part in helping to put Exeter on the map. The four themes that inspired the project are the city, the Cathedral, the county and the nation. All four corbel stones are now completed and will be fixed to the Cathedral later in the year.

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