What, more scaffolding?

What, more scaffolding?

3rd June 2015

If you live in Exeter or have recently visited the city then you may have noticed that scaffolding has appeared on the north side of the Cathedral around the chapels of St Andrew and St Catherine.

This is in preparation for a project that will involve many different elements of work but all with the main objective in trying to reduce the moisture content in the chapel and its structure, which is hastening the deterioration of the fabric.

This work will involve the removal of the 20th century roof (reinforced concrete covered in asphalt) and the installation of a new traditional lead-covered timber truss roof in its place. There is also plenty of stonework to be repaired replaced and re-pointed, and the drains that take the rain water away from the Cathedral on the north side are in poor order so there will be the repair and replacement of these.

Finally we will be carrying out work on the internal masonry of the chapel and the 14th century stained glass window in the clerestory above. This will require scaffold both internally and externally along with a trial monitoring period of the window.

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