Pilgrim Course: Beatitudes

Tuesdays 19.15-21.00, Pearson Education Centre
(28th February until 4th April 2017)

How can we build our lives on the teaching and example of Jesus?

The Beatitudes explores the Christian vision for the world, including openness to God, thirsting for what is right, peace-making and living as citizens of God’s Kingdom.

About the sessions

Feb 28th Session One: Living with Openness to God

Looks at what it means to live with openness to God and to the world.

March 7th Session Two: Thirsting for what is right

What does it mean to live with obedience to God and with a desire to put things right in the world?

14th March Session Three: Living Transparently

Exploring what it means to be transparent in all we do and are, this session looks at how we show others the mercy God gives to us.

21st March Session Four: Peacemaking

What does it mean to be a peacemaker after the example of Christ and what is the cost of this witness?

28th March Session Five: Living as Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Looks at what Jesus meant by the kingdom and how we can live as its citizens.

4th April Session Six: Foundations

Explores what it means to build our lives on the teaching and example of Jesus, as we have seen in the beatitudes.

How to get involved

For further information and to book a place pleases contact:
Canon Anna Norman-Walker 01392 285973 

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