The Woolly Roadshow

Thursday 12th October at 09:00.

The Campaign for Wool is seen by many people in Britain as being "London centric, biased towards Merino fleece from the southern hemisphere and major brand promotion".

Britain has been a world leader in the use of wool for centuries and has more breeds of sheep than any other country.

Our wools are used to produce everything from knitwear, fabrics and carpets to spectacle frames, chairs, knife handles, bedding, roof insulation and insulated packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

The media is starting to regard UK Wool Week as being simply a marketing tool for major brands. 

Independent retailers receive little or no communication about UK Wool Week.

The Woolly Roadshow was commissioned by Griffiths' Mill as a result of our experience with the Wool Ride organised by the Campaign for Wool in October 2014. It is an educational promotion of British Wool, British  Sheep and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. It incorporated a display of woollen yarn, carded fibres, knitwear, woven items and other products made from wool. There is also an audio video display showing lambing, shearing and wool processing. The Woolly Roadshow is also supported by the National Sheep Association and Bristish Wook Marketing Board.


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