Information for visitors

For visitors, the Library & Archives is best experienced as part of a pre-booked group visit. All group visits are customised to the needs of the group, but typically a librarian and/or archivist will guide you through the history and contents of the collections as a whole, and then focus on a curated display of items selected to suit the interests of the group. Some people prefer a very general tour exploring the full range of the collections, while others have more specific interests in mind. Groups may be formal clubs and societies or simply a group of friends and family looking for something a little different to do. The standard group rate is £5 per person. 

For the more casual visitor, our Interpretation Gallery is available for those who would like to dip in and get a feel for the content and history of our remarkable collections. Text panels and a timeline put our history in context and introduce some of the highlights of the collections. The display case provides an opportunity to see a small selection of treasures from our collections.

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